FEM PR has carved out a niche in the marketplace, using a simple approach. Every brand has a story to tell.

As one of Los Angeles’s preeminent boutique firms, we seek to engage a variety of brands, with the top influencers that can best carry your message. With each client, we refuse to employ a “one-size-fits-all,” approach, knowing that this broad tactic will take away from the unique core of each product/and or person. Our team thrives on collaboration, and creates the most specific campaign possible to achieve maximum exposure. We love variety, and our stellar list of clients exhibits this diversity. 

Our clients have included: fashion and accessory brands, interior designers, restaurateurs, baby products, celebrities, musicians, beauty products and services, health and wellness, and technology start-ups. We pride ourselves on creating specific, organic messages that create momentum, drive sales, and develop powerful brand statements. Our creative team is comprised of top-tier writers, digital media strategists, videographers, graphic designers, each grounded in the storytelling approach. You are specific about your brands image, and your campaign should mirror this in every aspect. Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end.

FEM PR is the beginning. Our partnership is the middle. Your enduring brand story is the end.